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Supan Solar Solutions Inc.

Solar systems project development, engineering, procurement, construction, monitoring and maintenance services to grid-connected comercial and residential customers.

Supan Solar Solutions Inc.

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Supan Solar Solutions Inc.

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Supan Solar Solutions Inc.

Supan Technologies works with many partners all around the world to provide project development solutons.


Supan Solar Solutions offers two options for customers in Ontario:

  • Client own the System Outright

  • Supan Solar Solutions' Lease Program

  Supan Solar Lease Program  

Under the Supan Solar Solutions' Lease Program, Supan Solar becomes the rooftop and/or land tenant for the property. We will finance, install, own and operate the solar power plant to produce clean energy. In return Supan pays the building owner a set lease rate for a period of 20 years. In addition to the annual lease payment we also offer the option of a onetime upfront payment in lieu of rent payments. Under this program clients do not own and maintain the system and more importantly do not pay for the system. We provide the system


We conduct an on-site assessment of your solar energy production potential. From that assessment, Supan Solar designs a photovoltaic power system that utilizes the latest technologies, materials and designs to optimize solar energy production.

We manage the entire construction process, including logistics and the utility interconnection

Using state-of-the-art technology, we continually monitor and control system performance. In addition to proactive system maintenance, we quickly dispatch certified technicians when needed to keep systems running at optimal levels.

Supan Solar will help you maximize "Green Value" through marketing support, including press releases, groundbreaking events, branding, and educational programs.