Ontario introduced very aggressive and potentially the highest feed-in-tariffs (FIT) in the world for PV power in October 2009(http://fit.powerauthority.on.ca/). To support local industry and the economy, Ontario also has imposed domestic content requirements.


The program is under review and the new pricing and policies will be announced on December 15th, 2011.


Rationale for developing solar energy in Ontario:


•If no action taken, Ontario will have power supply gap of 30,000 MW by 2025.

•New nuclear plants to keep nuclear share of power generation at 50% will amount to 19,000 MW capacity.

•Renewables are likely to fill over 11,000 MW of capacity gap by 2025. The main contributors will be wind and solar.

•Since solar radiation in most populated area of Ontario averages about 1200 hours/yr of "peak sun", each MW of equivalent solar PV power capacity for 24 hour requirement will actually amount to 7.3 MW of PV installations.