Sudhanshu Varma, Ph.D

President, Co-Founder and CEO


Raye Thomas, Ph D. P.Eng,

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Sudhanshu is an internationally recognized advanced materials scientist with almost 30 years experience in the field of photovoltaics. He has a Ph.D from the highly prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Kanpur, and has worked extensively in the processing of semiconductor materials, thin films and devices, including solar PV cells. Sudhanshu also has wide ranging experience in government, industry, and academia serving in a variety of research and business roles. He has senior management experience in the solar PV industry, having served as Head of Research and Development at TPK Solar Systems Ltd, and Chief Technology Officer at NewSun Technologies Ltd.


Raye has more than 35 years professional engineering, academic, consulting, and management experience. He has a Ph.D. from the Imperial College of Science and Technology in London, and is also a Professional Engineer. Raye's expertise includes photovoltaics, semiconductor processing, microelectronics, renewable energy, and manufacturing automation, and he possesses a wealth of experience in international project development, international technology transfer, and knowledge of international development and environmental issues. Raye's wide-ranging depth of experience in the photovoltaic field represents a rare and uniquely valuable store of scientific, technical, and market knowledge in this fast-growing industry. He has collaborated with Dr. Varma on PV-related projects and initiatives for many years.

Lalith Gunaratne, CET, MSc

Director of Corporate Development




Lalith Gunaratne, Director, Corporate Development is an entrepreneur bringing practical experience and a diverse worldview to the renewable energy business. He was a pioneer with a solar energy venture in the 1980s in Sri Lanka and the company was sold to Shell Renewables International in 1999.

He has international consulting experience in renewable and rural energy working with World Bank and other agencies on technology-human interface , capacity building, financing, influencing government policies and regulation. He developed a Best Practices manual for South Asia through the USAID South Asia Regional Initiative-Energy project. He established the non-profit Energy Forum in Sri Lanka (, promoting rural and renewable energy.

He was a Director of the Solar Development Foundation of USA and Triodos Renewable Energy Development Fund in Netherlands and co-authored, Solar Entrepreneur's Handbook .

Lalith is a trainer and a business consultant through his companies Sage Training and Sage Ontario and worked in Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia and Canada.

He has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Nuclear Option) from Canada, Diploma in Marketing from CIM-UK and MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice from University of Bath, United Kingdom.