The Supan Group is a Canadian organization founded with Supan Technologies Inc in 1997 by Dr. Sudhanshu Varma, an internationally renowned advanced materials scientist. His vision was simple, but ambitious: to build a global technology company specializing in the development and marketing of promising advanced materials processing technologies and related products. His former mentor and associate Dr. Raye Thomas, a pioneer in the Canadian solar energy industry joined in 2006 as Chief Technical Advisor and together co-founded Supan Solar Solutions Inc in 2010.

Today, the Supan group of companies consists of two companies dedicated to providing PV related services.

Supan Technologies Inc. is an Ontario Corporation offering Photovoltaic(PV) manufacturing solutions, business advisory services and key components and materials to customers all over the world.

Supan Solar Solutions Inc. offers solar system project development, engineering, procurement, construction, monitoring and maintenance services to grid-connected commercial and residential customers in Canada.